Accountex week 2022

team clarity at the National Gallery

We’re finally back to face to face/live/in person events!

Hey! It’s Matt, Head of Community at Clarity, here. I’m writing this, on Monday morning following a jam-packed week of conferences, sipping my second coffee of the day.  I’m struggling to convey how much we crammed into those 3 days and am still feeling excited in the aftermath.

The Clarity team made their way to London for a series of conferences that would reignite our passion for live events. Prior to March 2020, live events were common, completely normal and integral to any small business’s growth and success. Without live events, being able to expand a business online seemed distant and the realm of the google ad words/facebook adverts savvy tech crew. But how good it was to be back rekindling friendships and industry connections.

Events are back

We’re lucky at Clarity to have a team that thrives in social environments. And what a better way to bring out our personalities than events like the AdvanceTrack Conference and Accountex.

The team arrived from far and wide to London on Monday evening, where we met for dinner and prepared for the days to come.

AdvanceTrack Conference 2022

An early rise on Tuesday saw us meet at the iconic National Art Gallery in London’s Trafalgar Square for our first event of the week.

Vipul Sheth’s AdvanceTrack Conference 2022 was sponsored by Clarity, Capitalise, Xero, Fathom, Approvalmax, Connect4 & Moneypenny.

Building Clients Up in Unpredictable Time

This year’s event was entitled “Building Clients Up in Unpredictable Times” and was attended by over 100 accounting firms. And the event covered every element involved in helping small business clients run more efficient and adaptable businesses. Whilst also making sure both the firm and clients were successful financially.

Between the numerous panel talks and main speakers we were able to meet and greet switched-on attendees. But listening to experienced industry leaders, like Aynsley Damery and Olly Cummings, was a highlight for me.


Being on our feet all day at the AdvanceTrack Conference, was great practice and a nice lead in to Accountex, where it was non stop action!

The Clarity team were in early before the rush of the crowd to set up the stand. Caroline Hobden and the Accountex team were on hand every step of the way to ensure we were well looked after. The event was run so well and the hosts were amazing.

10am hit and the crowd flooded through the doors as Aynsley readied himself for his first big talk of the day. The theatres were a hot topic as the attendees fled past the stands in an attempt to get a seat for Aynsley’s talk. It was a full house with people spilling out into the walkways in an attempt to hear all about Clarity and advisory.

Steve and Aynsley back on stage

Safe to say off the back of Aynsley’s talk, our stand was rammed with interested guests! Horse voices weren’t going to stop our constant chats and upbeat presence. Our hectic schedule didn’t ease until the end of the final day. Following on from a second talk of Aynsley’s who co-hosted a fireside chat with Carl Reader and Lucy Cohen, we readied ourselves for more eager guests.

Steve too had a tremendous theatre talk with many attendees asking me questions during and after the talk. Some funny and distinct chats were shared throughout the day with attendees and Clarity members alike.

Accountex for Clarity was a huge success. We can’t wait for our next range of events starting next month with:

  • Paul Dunn’s London event “A Brand New Story for your Firm” on 16 June 2022, 6:30pm. At Chartered Accountants Hall, sponsored by Iris, Clarity and Capitalise; followed by
  • Xerocon on 20-21 July 2022 at Tobacco Dock – where we’re exhibiting and Aynsley will be speaking; and
  • a second round of Clarity’s Unleash the Heroes Within in York on 28 September 2022 – after the amazing success of our last event.

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