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Their vision is a future where Clarity is on every business owner’s device – making it easier for small businesses to thrive by bridging the gap between their financial data and the practical business insights and resources required to build a sustainable business.

We want the Clarity platform to become the one-stop shop for business owners worldwide. A platform which connects business owners with empowered advisers, and where, in addition to the core features we are building, they can access a whole range of business services, powering their growth and success.

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Aynsley Damery

When I was at KPMG, I saw how much help larger businesses received. But when I joined a smaller firm, I was shocked by the lack of support small businesses owners really got.

I wanted to change this and that’s why I created a range of innovative advisory and added-value services, for which we won international recognition. Accounting for Entrepreneurs raised the bar for the services accountants provided to small businesses and I believe that the Clarity platform will be another giant leap forward.

Steven Briginshaw

Having worked with 1,000’s of businesses and accountants all over the world for the past 20 years+, I’ve seen first-hand that more help is needed to not just help small businesses survive – the survival rates are shockingly low – but to help small businesses thrive.

Clarity was born to help business owners make better decisions to get to their ideal future and provide all the client facing team in the accounting firm with the structure to make this possible for all of their clients at a price clients love to pay.

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