Our Vision, Purpose & Values

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Our Vision, Purpose & Values

Our vision

Clarity® is the global advisory platform for small business owners worldwide.

We make it easier for small businesses to thrive by bridging the gap between their financial data and the practical business insights & resources required to build a sustainable business.

We want the Clarity platform to become the one-stop-shop for business owners worldwide. A platform that connects business owners with empowered advisers, where in addition to the core features we are building, they can access a whole range of business services, powering their growth and success.

Discover your firm’s ability to thrive.


Our purpose of giving every business owner clarity...

clarity so they can create a better business for themselves, a better life for their family and team, and ultimately contribute towards creating a better world

Clarity valuesClarity values

Our values

At Clarity, our five core values are much more than just words. We live and breath them, both at work and in our personal lives.


Our values guide everything we do; including how we interact with our team, how we interact with our members and community, and how we interact with our vendors and business partners. Meet the Clarity team.

As we continue to grow quickly, our processes and strategies may change, but our five Clarity Core Values will always remain the same.


Thinking differently and finding new ways of working in the areas of people, process and technology. Solving problems for our members, their small business clients and team.

Take ownership

Accepting responsibility for our roles, our work, mistakes and successes. If we see an opportunity or hear of something that isn’t working, we own it and deal with it. We never assume someone else will take care of it.


Working with diverse people (both internally and externally) or organisations within a safe environment to achieve individual, shared, or larger goals.

Make things better

Striving for continuous improvement and not settling for the status quo. Doing the right thing by ourselves, our team, our platform, our members and for those who need help.

Act with integrity and empathy

Being authentic and congruent as individuals and as a business. Thinking of, listening to and understanding how others may feel. Always doing the right thing, when sometimes that is not doing anything.


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