Unleash the Heroes Event – London, 26 April 2022

“If you don’t exist to make a client’s life better, I don’t think as a business you have a legitimate reason to exist! Fred Reichheld, Winning on Purpose

We held our first in-person event in years, and it didn’t disappoint!

Unleash the Heroes Within was our first step back out into the real world. And for some on our team, their first steps out into the world with Clarity T-shirts on.

Transform the way your team think

This brand-new event was designed to transform the way your team think. And empower them to, not just unleash their own potential, but that of your firm’s and the clients you service. An event centred around giving everyone in the team the confidence to have great conversation with clients. But most importantly how to deliver repeatable, scalable, and profitable services to your clients at a price they can afford.

It was big and bold and, from the feedback we’ve had, it was resounding success. So much so that we have decide to add more dates into the calendar the run the event again!

Unleash the Heroes

The event

Held at the Royal National Hotel London, we had just shy of 50 delegates for the full day event.

We had a real mix of firms in attendance ranging from sole practitioners all the way up to top 100 firms. And what was amazing is that everyone took something from the day. The issues accounting firms face when delivering advisory services seem to be universal (if only different in scale).

Sharing of ideas

The day was broken up with coffee breaks and a well catered lunch. The coffee breaks provided an opportunity for our team to meet for the first time a lot of accountants that they had been working with in the previous months. It was also fantastic to see firms discussing and sharing their unique versions of the same problem. How do we switch from a compliance lead service offering to a more engaging, high touch advisory or consultancy offering?

Lunch provided more of the same but also a chance to chat at a more human level about life outside of work or issues facing the firm that maybe didn’t centre around advisory. It was amazing just to witness the human connect of so many likeminded individuals after such a long time of watching each other’s faces on a computer screen.

Content covered

In-terms of the content covered during the day, there was a lot, but the core message was how to design and implement a whole firm approach to advisory.

Broken down into a handy 7 step matrix this whole firm approach gave our attendees the building blocks they needed to go back to their firms and create or drive forward the advisory services offered to their clients. As with all workshops or events, often there is so much to take in, so many good ideas that you can really struggle to remember them all. This is why we thought it was very important to make sure all our attendee went away with clear actions plans.

Accountants change lives

The event reinforced our belief in how great accountants really are. So many were emphatic in their desire to make a difference to the lives of their clients. And, although we all suffer imposter syndrome at times, only true imposters don’t!

It was great to understand that we have everything we need to already inside us. We don’t need to change. We just need a structure and plan to empower the team and give them the confidence to know that they can truly realise potential.

Unleash the Heroes was such a fantastic event and we can’t wait for the next one in September (28 September, York).

But don’t take our word for it…..

Graeme Tennick FCCA, Tennick Accountants

“An amazing event that gave me total clarity! Really made me think outside the box. I’ve got 20 key actions from the event and I’m going to hit the ground running tomorrow! Unleash the Heroes really helped me visualise the simplicity of the business advisory process and a clear plan on how to get the team on board.”

Mehreen Faryad, Z Group

“I’ve always set myself really high expectations. Today brought it back down to earth. Unleash the Heroes taught me that small changes combined, lead to significantly bigger changes over time. So just be patient, keep things simple, delegate and get the team involved.”

Handre Joubert, Rowdens

“A comprehensive guide to shift focus, with powerful content, great thinking points and some home truths, all of which gave us a real shift in mindset. We also got a different perspective on how we can use our strengths to create really meaningful impacts for clients in a systemised way.”

Jamie Servante, Kreston Reeves

“An eye opening day and can’t wait to get back to the office and speak to clients, showing the value we can create. Great to be around other friendly accountants who are happy to share best practice, what’s working and what’s not.”

Jill Fox MAAT ACCA, Wren Accountancy

“Showed us that it’s not difficult to implement a business advisory offering for the majority of our clients. Unleash the Heroes pushed us out of our comfort zone but also gave us the confidence and structure to know that we can do this.”

Paul Miller, Cornish Accountants

“Illuminating. It helped us understand what we can all do better. Great to be with a group with like-minded people. A rising tide raises all ships and the collaborative nature and sharing of the attendees will have a significant impact on our clients and the economy as a whole”

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