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Meet our Chief Technical Officer

Ross Huelin MSci


Ross is a technology professional and software developer with a career spanning over 18 years. He has started, and runs, a technology consultancy firm and sits on the board of a number of successful software companies.

He has worked in all areas of software development and helped many companies build and optimise their technology processes, software and infrastructure.


Ross has a passion for building software and finding the optimal way to achieve business goals through the use of technology.

After graduating university with a masters degree in astrophysics, Ross pursued a career in software development within the systematic investment management sector of the finance industry. After working within finance for 14 years, Ross decided it was time to setup his own technology consultancy firm – a challenging, but hugely rewarding move.

Working with Clarity has provided Ross with an opportunity to put all his experience into practice helping to design a robust and flexible architecture using best-of-breed, modern, technologies and software development practices.

Outside Clarity

Ross is a keen surfer and enjoys to spend his time in the water when the waves are good or on the beach with his family when the seas are calm.

He also has strong interests in egyptology, ancient history and early arctic/antarctic exploration. One day he hopes to step foot on the antarctic continent!

Why Clarity?

“It’s not often that you get the chance to be involved in the early stages of a business building a new, exciting product.

Working with the team at Clarity from the start of the project has been a hugely rewarding and inspiring experience! With no legacy systems to consider, we had the opportunity to build the platform using the best technologies out there and a brilliant team of talented developers. We’re really excited by the result and what the future holds for Clarity!”

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