Unleash the Heroes Within – York

Unleash the Heroes York

Clarity headed north for the second edition of our famous Unleash the Heroes Within event!

The beautiful city of York greeted a packed room of eager accounting leaders and their teams, ready to take advisory to the next level. The venue was stunning, with fantastic food, staff and facilities. Enjoy some of the images from the day

Unleash the Heroes York

Ideas flowed

The ideas flowed, and the engagement was unmatched.

Some returning faces from our first event had brought their whole team to take advantage of this fantastic day of Clarity content. Bringing a business partner or the team is valuable on a mastermind day like this.

Karl Roberts from GMR Accountants said, “just do it, don’t overthink it. It’s not this big scary thing that just the partners do. Clarity is a simple tool to help you, help your clients”.

Unleash the Heroes York

Empower the team

At Clarity, we aim to show how valuable the team is when offering and promoting advisory services within your business.

There are many reasons for this. The main ones that come to mind are scalability, delegation and team confidence.


Throughout the day, we ran scenarios about how the team could get involved and be responsible for using Clarity to offer advisory services to their clients and substantially grow the firm’s revenue.

Gavin Spencer from Beach Accounting said, “it’s a simple way to take advisory away from the managers and owners and give responsibility to the team. It empowers and excites me and makes me want to develop my firm and get the team excited about advisory”.

Unleash the Heroes York

The day wasn’t all business, business, business.

We had plenty of laughs, breakout sessions and time to meet each other. The aim was to spread teams around different tables to learn from like-minded Clariteers who may have more experience with advisory.


We had some long-serving members attend, such as Graeme Tennick from Tennick Accountants and Stephen Paul from Valued, who were valuable to their respective tables and could provide real-life success stories.

Stephen Paul has already made over £100K using Clarity, and he said after the event, “Today has given me that day one feeling again with my business. Off the back of today, we’re going to make an additional £150K profit”.

The day was a great success, with new and existing members coming away with valuable content from our workbook.

Ideas were made and taken back to the office to be implemented with the help of the Clarity team. Stephen Paul urged, “if you are not coming to this event, I want to know why. Drop me an email, send me a message about why you’re not going to turn up”.

That’s some excellent praise and insights from someone who has had success and is continuing his success with Clarity. We will run these events more frequently and can’t wait to help you on your advisory journey.

Join us for our next event in London.

About Clarity

Clarity® is the complete end-to-end business advisory engine solution that helps accountants thrive, by realising the  full potential of their team, their firm and their clients.

We bring meaning ti the word “advisory”. Our multi-award winning platform and Member Success Team give accounting firms the structure, tools and plans to build better businesses; and the confidence to make it happen.

We help them introduce and create a profitable, repeatable and scalable business advisory service for their firm. One that increases revenue in excess of 40% and profitability by over 125%.

Significant value

Using Clarity adds significant value to small business clients. Value they clearly understand and want to pay for.

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