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Client meetings – we used to do them face-to-face, but now we do them online; or we’ve been doing them online, and now we are returning to face-to-face?

It’s hard to know, but we do know that the world is a lot more digital than it was, and more meetings will be held, if not online, certainly using a computer screen rather than physically printed-out agendas, reports and handwritten notes.

Seamless client experience

Hosting a meeting on the screen will be a back-and-forth process of navigating between tabs and opening new windows, which can be a clunky experience. However, Clarity’s Meeting Mode looks to solve this problem!

Meeting Mode

Meeting Mode

Meeting mode allows you to host a meeting online in the same way you would in person.

Having, always visible, an agenda to follow (with end time), the ability to take notes on that agenda, an action plan for recording client tasks and the numbers to discuss with the client. Meeting mode, by default, will open three visible tabs for you on the same screen at once. These are:

Action plan

Add new tasks, prioritise tasks from ‘All Tasks’ or tick off completed tasks.

You can also change this section to something else or remove it from the cog in the top left-hand corner of this section.


Go through the current 7 Key Numbers and the future 5 Levers of Success using just two sections in the initial Clarity meeting.

Have Review meetings to go through the Financial Plan, Cash Flow Sense Check, Financial Performance Review and 7 Key Numbers Review.

Meeting notes

Follow the meeting agenda and keep to the end time.

Make notes under each agenda point and general notes at the bottom of the section. All are saved in the client Timeline.

You are limited to having a maximum of 3 visible areas of the platform open simultaneously, but you are not constrained to only showing the above information.

Using the cog symbol on each tab, you can show different areas of the platform, for example, the financial plan or the financial performance review. In addition, if three tabs feel a bit noisy and you only wish to have two tabs open, you can do this by hiding the tab you don’t require using the cog symbol.

The best way to see how Meeting mode works is to give it a go, so why not use it to run your next advisory client meeting?

About Clarity

Clarity® is the end-to-end business advisory suite for accounting firms.

We help accountants thrive, by realising the  full potential of their team, their firm and their clients.

Clarity brings meaning to the word “advisory”. Our multi-award winning platform, education systems, and consulting team give you the structure, tools and plans to create, market, sell and deliver business advisory services; and the confidence to make it happen.

We enable you to introduce and create a profitable, repeatable and scalable business advisory service for your firm. One that increases revenue in excess of 40% and profitability by over 125%.

Significant value

Using Clarity adds significant value to small business clients. Value they clearly understand and want to pay for.

Why not book a call, so we can schedule a strategy session with you to create a customised implementation plan? We will then work with you to execute your plan.

And download our free report “The 7 Reasons Why Business Advisory isn’t Working” here.

Meeting Mode


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