DealFlow: Maximise Your Advisory Pipeline

Introducing DealFlow

DealFlow allows the Clarity Community to keep track of where every client is in their advisory journey. Accounting firms (and their team members) can see clearly at which touchpoint each client is, and what next step is needed. This could be preparing for an upcoming meeting, following up on an action plan, or sending out a new simple report. 

A number of our members were running spreadsheets to keep track of who they had spoken to, those they had sent Clarity reports to and who they needed to chase up to book in their next meeting. As a tech company, we want to make everything as user-friendly as possible for our members, and utilise automation whenever possible. We also like to keep everything in one place to avoid having to switch between different apps. Incorporating this follow-up management tool within Clarity was a natural progression for the platform. 

The Power of Follow Up

Following up with clients is critical. Sometimes we think small business owners are not interested. The reality is they are just busy. Busy juggling multiple roles and tasks, busy managing their teams and busy dealing with clients. They sometimes miss what’s really important and accountants are often left to chase up, guide, and keep the small business owner on track. Following up, keeping the client accountable to their goals and booking in their next meeting is all part of the ‘responsibility’ of an accountant. Managing and chasing all the clients in your portfolio can be a huge task. So that no client slips through the cracks or fails to understand the import or to achieve their true  potential, it is essential to follow up, follow up, follow up! 

DealFlow gives your follow-up process a structure, and also gives you clarity on the progress of your advisory pipeline. #TeamClarity love using the pipeline feature within Hubspot as a management tool. It has helped us to plan and enable follow up. Proactively moving or guiding a client or prospect along the pipeline has helped nurture our deals. It make our prospctive members feel valued and increased conversions. We want to do the same for you in your business advisory journey. 

DealFlow helps your firm to maximise the potential revenue of your advisory offering. Watch our 2 minute video below to see just how simple it is. 


Firm-Wide Visibility

One major advantage of DealFlow, is that you have complete visibility over your own advisory pipeline. Every team member is able to see where each client is, combined with the ultimate flexibility in how it works for your firm. You are able to track deals you’ve created and see the revenue you are generating. You’ll be able to trace the account manager dealing with each client. And understand what type of clients are taking up your advisory services. These metrics will allow you to  maximise the return on your advisory offering, firm-wide. 

It goes without saying, that automation (where relevant) saves your firm precious time, money and energy. By using Clarity’s DealFlow system, you can easily automate your firm’s advisory pipeline. 

Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for all our Clarity members. So we have created templates we think you might need, but of course you are free to amend and even add your own templates too. 

Making DealFlow work for you

DealFlow works perfectly in tandem with Portfolio View. 

To further automate and simplify the delivery of business advisory for your team, identify the clients you want to contact first in Portfolio View. They will automatically pull through into DealFlow, and vice versa. So you can dive straight into their 7 key numbers and start your advisory conversation using Simple Reports or Action Plan. 

Prioritising certain clients in DealFlow and pushing them through to Portfolio View really brings your advisory conversations to life. Being able to see your client’s specific key numbers, how they’re performing and how they rank against one another in Portfolio View creates a new perspective for your team (and firm). This allows you to focus on the conversation with your small business clients. Therefore driving action, and in turn moving them along the advisory pipeline. 

DealFlow really does make things simple, save you time, and maximise your advisory revenue. 

Don’t let any client slip through the cracks due to overwhelm and ad-hoc follow up. Speak to #TeamClarity today to see for yourself how invaluable Clarity’s end-to-end business advisory solution is for your firm. 


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