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Here we go again! Lockdown 3.0. Now more than ever is the time for accountants, bookkeepers and advisers to shine! We are here to help with Clarity COVID Care…

We have the inherent abilities and all the necessary skills and training to support small business in their time of need. However, to ensure that we can contact ALL our clients effectively and efficiently, whilst offering valuable advice and support, we need the right combination of people process and technology.

You have the people and we have built the processes and technology for you.

Now, we don’t really mind what technology you actually use. But we do care that you are providing support to all the small businesses out there that really need you.

Business isn’t one dimensional. Obviously, your advice shouldn’t be either. Whilst cash is vitally important, there are so many elements to consider.

Over the past ten months and counting, we have teamed up with many industry experts to help systemise various solutions that will help you and your clients now and in the future. All of which we have listed below, for download, re-sharing, re-branding or bed-time reading.

PLEASE USE THESE AS YOU FEEL NECESSARY. If you would like to swap in your own email systems, logos, wording, branding or tech then we are not precious.

But if you would like something that you can roll out-of-the-box, then we are fairly confident that one of the step-by-step systems below will make a difference.

Be sure to get all your team involved in the process too. #StrongerTogether


The Clarity COVID 19 Care Call System
– A simple system for your whole team to use with clients.
– Complete with agendas, email templates and ‘how to’ video guide
– A valuable and efficient way to start conversation will all clients

The Small Business COVID Help Guide
Practical next steps and helpful resources for small business owners during the COVID19 crisis. You can send this guide out to your clients via email whilst you are getting round to contacting them. This can be co-branded, re-branded or amended if you would like.

The Battle Plan Guide
A complete 5 step guide to help your clients in these challenging times.
– Quickly triage all your clients
– Effectively deal with those who are critical and provide ongoing support for all others
– Get your entire team involved
This comes with a detailed implementation plan and system notes to accompany the Battle Plan.

The COVID Phase 2 Guide
This is an additional detailed implementation plan and system notes including:
– Simple processes to check in with all ‘still trading’ clients
– Help those clients thrive who are fortunate to be busier than ever
– Be ready to act quickly for clients who are on the edge.
This also includes a ‘how to’ video guide, so that you can roll this out across your whole team virtually.

COVID Care Workshops

#TeamClarity have also been involved in a number of online workshops and web-events helping to guide you, your team and your clients through COVID and beyond. ON-DEMAND recordings are available to watch on our events page. Or you can register to view here:

May 2020 – Helping your clients navigate their way through COVID19
Now more than ever is the time for accountants, bookkeepers and advisers to shine!  Accountancy firms have the inherent abilities and all the necessary skills and training to support small businesses in their time of need. To ensure that you can contact ALL your clients effectively and efficiently, whilst offering valuable advice and support, you need the right combination of people, process and technology. Join Gordon Gilchrist and industry experts Aynsley Damery and Steven Briginshaw for an online session talking about:

  1. adapting your strategy and amending your tactics accordingly
  2. identifying which clients would welcome a strategic review & business advisory planning session
  3. identifying which clients should welcome a strategic appraisal & business advisory planning session
  4. mobilising, re-tooling and upskilling every relevant member of your team, (even the most junior members) – practically, quickly and cost effectively and
  5. navigating your firm and your clients through C19 with a view to ……

……..being well rewarded by grateful clients. 

During this webinar Aynsley and Steve will show you how Clarity HQ leverages technology, together with the necessary systems and processes, to enable firms to engage with almost every client and support them through the challenges of today and into the growth of tomorrow – known as the SURGE phase. Register here

Your clients need you more than ever

Helping your clients ride out the COVID19 storm
In times like these it’s even more important, in fact it’s a responsibility, for accountants and bookkeepers to be speaking with all of their business clients to help them prepare and ride out the storm. As well as hit the ground running when the storm has passed.
So it’s no surprise that getting and keeping control of costs and managing cash are essential. So too are innovating and focusing on core services/products, particularly the most profitable ones (if that is actually known).

Register here to get practical help and guidance on:
– starting a meaningful & valuable conversation with your clients,
– for those that can still trade: giving your clients awareness on cost and cash control and what a skeleton crew looks like,
– for those in lockdown: giving clarity on what to do next,
– how to help your clients,
– how to do this for your firm too,
– practical next steps.
The responsibility definitely falls on our shoulders as accountants to be helping business owners right now. And the awareness is what they need to make the right decisions to help their business, their customers, team and family.

What about the leaders?

Who helps the leaders through the COVID19 storm?
Advance Track, Futrli, Clarity, Xero come together to discuss the realities of being a leader during these uncertain times. Register here for an honest panel and conversation full of hints and tips on how to steer your team through COVID, remote working and other common challenges of the ‘new business as normal’.

Apps United: Supporting Your Small Business Clients During COVID19
Xavier Analytics, Futrli and Clarity collaborate for a practical workshop on using technology to streamline your conversations with your most at risk small business clients. Register here for the ON-DEMAND recording.

Caring Cash Flow Communications
Clarity, Capitalise and Spotlight Reporting discuss the delicate intricacies surrounding cash flow conversations during COVID19. How is best to approach them? What should we be focussing on? How can we provide calm, connect correctly and offer clarity for our worried clients. Register here for a recording of the panel discussion.

Clarity and Futrli partnership

Mobilising your firm to survive and thrive
Clarity and Futrli team up to talk about creating a strategy for your firm and your clients, mobilising every member of your team, even the most junior members, and planning for the future success of both the firm and your clients. Register here for a recording of the session with Helen Cockle, Steven Briginshaw and Aynsley Damery.

We’ve teamed up with Futrli to provide you with some outstanding bundled offers – using both Clarity and Futrli together. Both firms share many common values and a belief that accountants have the ability to make a massive difference to ALL their small business clients by helping them; understand their numbers and and how they can make them better, strategic planning, budgets and projections, reporting, KPIs, holding them accountable and ultimately driving their stability, growth and success.

We also both operate in the nebulously-termed ‘business advisory’ space and, whilst both firms come at this from different angles, together we have a complete wrap-around solution that empowers accountants to create, package, price and deliver business growth and support services that small business owners desperately need and want.

Our solutions (leverage technology together with the necessary systems and processes) and our combined experience of the worlds of small business and accounting, enable your firm to protect and engage with every client, supporting them through the challenges of today and into the growth of tomorrow. If you would like more information on these special packages, please get in touch with #TeamClarity on [email protected] or speak with your account manager.


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