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our platform.

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why clarity.

Small business owners are the backbone of the global economy and their success is vital to our success. Here are some statistics about small business success rates.

40% reach 5 years and only 10% last more than 10 years.

Those that remain in business work harder for smaller returns, with increased competition as they earn less now for their time than when they were employed.

If more small businesses were successful, they would contribute towards employment, wealth generation and the wider community.

95% of all businesses in the world are small. That’s 163 million small businesses.

We want to give every small business owner around the world clarity, so that they can create a better business for themselves, a better life for their family and team, and ultimately contribute towards creating a better world.


Creating your ideal business to help you earn more money, have the life you want and achieve your goals.


Clarity has been built mobile first to ensure it works with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets as well as desktop on Windows and Mac.

cloud connected

Seamlessly linked to your accounting data from Xero and QuickBooks Online or enter the data manually.

your numbers

Know where you are with 7 key numbers you need to understand how your business is performing.

ideal goals

Play with your 7 key numbers to know where you want to be and see the total effect on profit and cash.

clear strategy

Create an action plan, growth plan and funding plan with suggested tasks to achieve your goals working on your own or with an advisor.

business university

Learn and build your ideal business creating the key documents every successful business needs.


blockchain verification

Verify essential business documents and assets via blockchain creating your own data room ready for when you require funding.

data control

Have control of your data and open up the relevant information  to investors and lenders to get funding for growth or exit.