Clarity at Xerocon London 2022

Clarity at Xerocon London 2022

After three years, the wait was over

The famous Xerocon was upon us. It’s the event that all accountants have marked in their calendars for months. An opportunity to meet people face to face that you may only know from online Zoom calls. And a great place to form long-lasting business relationships. The Clarity team was eager and rearing to go!

Clarity at Xerocon

The day

Preparing for Xerocon takes months

Gathering a game plan, designing your stand, ensuring you’ve got merchandise and communicating with your network. All of these things are imperative to a successful investment that is Xerocon.

We found ourselves surrounded by other busy, like-minded apps such as Ignition, Capitalise, Dent, Crezco, FYI Docs, AdvanceTrack and Accountancy Manager. Xerocon is a friendly and safe space for apps to communicate and form relationships rather than compete. Maintaining relationships in the app ecosystem is imperative and something we enjoy doing.

For a two-day event, Xerocon feels like a week. Multiple parties, long days and nights and continuous talking and socialising whilst on the stand. We had dozens of members attend and were able to snap some great pictures together. A huge thank you to our wonderful members for coming to see us and spending time with us. And thank you for referring your accounting friends and bringing them to meet us.

Heather Smith Steven Briginshaw Aynsley Damery Alex von Schirmeister

The People

Reconnecting with friends and rekindling existing relationships was the absolute highlight for all!

Zoom meetings are fun and the new normal, but nothing beats a live event. Xero certainly knows how to host an event and throw a party. We had friends fly in from South Africa, Australia and Spain. Xerocon sure does have a big reputation.

We came from far and wide

At Clarity, we have a widespread team. Our CEO and founder, Aynsley, flew from Spain. Our CFO and founder Steven travelled by train from Reading, and our Head of Member Success Sean drove from Scotland. Nothing stopped us from being here in London for this long overdue, once-a-year event. We made Xerocon a week-long experience and met a day early to set up our stand and have a team dinner beforehand. We also spent Friday after the event planning our week ahead and spending time together as a team.

Aynsley Damery on the Xerocon stage

The Venue

Usually, an event like this would be held in the O2 or a large, open venue like the Excel centre.

The last Xerocon was held there for that exact reason. This year, however, was a nice change of pace. We were at Tobacco Dock in South East London, very close to the river. The venue was terrific. Old brick archways segmented the exhibiting apps and made finding your favourite app a fun experience.

Upper levels hosted the speaking stages where our CEO and founder, Aynsley, presented on the topic of “The apps and tools to extend your practice beyond core accounting” with FullStop Accounting’s CEO and founder, Lauren Harvey and James Coleman from Xero.

The room was at capacity and drove a lot of interested Xero Accountants to our stand for further investigation. Listening to Aynsley talk is always a highlight; the capacity room reflected that.

Xerocon, until next time!

Xerocon was over as fast as it started. We loved our time at Xerocon and cannot wait for the next one. Saying goodbye to all our new and existing friends was the most challenging part, but we had an extremely successful time. Thank you, Xero.

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