Getting clear: supercharge your firm’s profitability workshop

supercharge your firms profitability

With over £1.65M in Gross Recurring Fees generated and counting, our “getting clear: supercharge your firm’s profitability” workshop is making a massive difference to accounting firms, their teams and clients. What’s also really clear is that fully 100% of firms that take action, get positive results.

supercharge your firms profitability

What you can expect

Our workshop is all about you and we focus on outcomes.

It’s practical – no waffle and no theory. It’s all about stuff that works, and has worked, in practice – multi-award winning techniques and systems. We’re honest and share the war stories and secrets behind many successful accounting firms. No holds barred. It’s so good, many have returned and brought their team along.

It’s not just about advisory

And it’s not just about advisory either!

So many firms are struggling with overwhelm, a lack of time, resources and processes and, clients just not getting it. You can’t just look at one area in isolation. Our workshops have had an amazing team collaboration and co-creation approach to date, and firms are getting insights into many areas and challenges. They’re starting to formulate a better “how we do it here”, as it were.

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Accountability is the secret sauce

The beauty of the event is that, by being forced online and having to completely reimagine the traditional one day workshop, we have made it so much better. Four sessions, totalling seven hours over a 21 day period.

A tight learning, implementation and accountability loop are fuelling outstanding results. And we know that accountability is the secret sauce. Those in business with written goals and who are held accountable, achieve 78% more.

“it’s now easy to see how I can get the team onboard” Jon Dawson, Moore

“the best value consultancy money can buy” Carl Postians, Capo Digital Accounting

“we’ve finally commercialised advisory, without giving it away free” Stephen Paul, Valued

“I love my job now” Sharon Pocock, Kinder Pocock

“it changed everything” Graeme Tennick, Tennick Accountants

“a real eye opener, incredible value and insights” Margaret Laidlaw, Mazars

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For more information and to book

To find out more information, available dates and to book your place go to

If you’re looking to make a massive difference in your firm, whether as a team member or partner – book your place today! We have to keep numbers deliberately low, so that those who attend can create the best results. As a result we sell out very quickly. Please don’t procrastinate. We champion and cherish action at Clarity. Take the right action for you today!

And by taking part, not only will you make a difference to you and your firm, you will be making a massive difference in the world too!

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