Clarity Stands With Ukraine

clarity stands with ukraine

Clarity stands with our friends and colleagues in Ukraine, and with all people of Ukraine

Our mission is to give every small business owner clarity, clarity so they can create a better business for themselves, a better life for their family and team, and ultimately contribute towards creating a better world.

We dream of a world where everyone’s basic needs are met; pure water, nutritious food, safe shelter, clean air and practical clothing. That’s why we have embedded giving into everything that we do.  And one of our core values is to make things better.

We are a company with a close connection to Ukraine, as we have many team members who live there. The Russian attacks are horrific atrocities and have caused immense suffering, fear, and heartbreak.

The curent situation

To our colleagues, family, and friends in Ukraine, please know that we stand with you, completely and wholeheartedly

We are in constant contact with our team, who with their families, are currently safe but have spent nights in bomb shelters. All have now moved from their city due to war being seen “through their front window.”

Ukrainians are strong and resolute people. They want to stand their ground – it is very inspiring. They want to keep working, to support their region and all Ukraine.

Help Russians see what is happening

Their view on sanctions is more are needed and they should be more strict. Not just to hinder the war, but to help everyday Russians ‘really’ see what is happening. It’s understood that many Russians believe the war is a liberation of Ukraine from a nationalist and fascist leadership. And that most Russian’s believe they can wait out the current sanctions. Only a minority of Russian’s understand what is really happening.

It’s believed (and hoped) that once the Russian people understand what is truly happening they will act with morality to not accept the war and act against the Russian government. But there’s a lot of propaganda and disinformation in the Russian press, on tv and on social media (with the many bot farms at Russia’s disposal).

What we are doing and how you can join too

To all of Ukraine, we stand with you. We are sending medical and relief supplies to those in need and to families that have been displaced, through our partnership with B1G1. We do not have, nor do we anticipate having, any members in Russia. And we will continue to keep abreast of sanctions and their impact on our business and our members.

To everyone else, we ask you to declare your support for the people of Ukraine, who continue to resist the unprovoked Russian invasion.

We ask for whatever help you can offer, whether that is by raising awareness, speaking to your representatives, or donating money.

We have set up a giving campaign here. The projects chosen and vetted by the B1G1 board, in need of funds to continue supporting and caring for the people of Ukraine, are Direct Relief and ChildAid.

100% of your support will reach the people in Ukraine who need it.

Information you can trust

There is a lot of misinformation circulating about what is going on in Ukraine.

Misleading images and videos as well as false news stories have surfaced online. We urge you to rely only on credible, fact-checked sources to stay informed. Consider verifying your source with a respected journalism organisation. We have been asked to share the website which is providing updates, in 9 languages, from its volunteers on what is actually going on in Ukraine. It’s normally a tourism website. Please do share this across your network, followers on social media and contacts.

It is our hope that the war ends quickly with the recognition of Ukraine as a free and independent nation.

Thank you. Дякуємо.

The Clarity Team



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