Xero App Partner of the Month – April 2022

Clarity are Xero App Partner of the Month for the second time!

We were thrilled and honoured to be announced as Xero’s App Partner of the month in April 2022. It is the second time that Clarity has been recognised (the first time in November 2019).

At the announcement Xero said, “We’re back in 2022 with our April app partner of the month, Clarity – a powerful accounting and advisory platform that helps practices provide effortless business advisory services, realising the true potential of both accounting firms and their clients.”

Potential realised

We are passionate about small businesses and helping them succeed

SMEs power the global economy and their success is inextricably linked to the success of local communities, increased employment, wealth creation and the building of national economies.

We believe that all potential ought to be recognised. However, small businesses will only succeed with empowered advisers.

And we know that accountants and bookkeepers are the best placed professionals to help.

Advisory in the past

Many accountants and bookkeepers have tried business advisory services in the past and it just hasn’t worked

Most are overwhelmed and don’t have the time. Reporting tools, that have been advertised as the panacea, haven’t really helped.  And, clients often don’t get what they are trying to do and don’t want to pay for extra services.

Where they have succeeded, it’s been difficult. It’s often down to the senior team to deliver, it’s expensive and time intensive. Which often means that, as accountants, we can only deliver business advisory service to our top 10/20% of clients.

Making a difference

Our teams also suffer from a lack of confidence and fear. Fear of failure, the unknown, charging more or clients saying no.

But so many accountants and bookkeepers, I know, are emphatic in their belief and desire to make a difference to the lives of all their clients. And, although we all suffer imposter syndrome at times, only true imposters don’t!

accountants are heroes

Why we built Clarity

That’s exactly why we’ve built Clarity!

Accountants and bookkeepers already have everything they need inside them. They don’t need to change. And many are already doing advisory. Maybe not for all their clients and maybe not getting paid for it.

We’ve worked, and continue to work, with thousands of business around the world who are achieving success. Clarity has been built by accountants who’ve been there amd made the mistakes and solved them, so you don’t have to.


Clarity Service Maps

Our Solution

Clarity is an end-to-end business advisory solution that helps you thrive, by realising the full potential of your team, your firm and your clients.

Our multi-award winning platform and Member Success Team give your firm the structure, tools and plans to build better businesses; and the confidence to make it happen.

We help you introduce and create a profitable, repeatable and scalable business advisory service for your firm. One that increases revenue in excess of 40% and profitability by over 125%.

Using Clarity adds significant value to your small business clients. Value they clearly understand and want to pay for.

About Clarity

We help busy accountants thrive by realising the full potential of their team, their firm and their clients. We do that by giving them the structure, tools and plans to build better businesses; and the confidence to make it happen.

Why not book a call, so we can schedule a strategy session with you to create a customised implementation plan? We will then work with you to execute your plan.


Clarity has created a calculator to show you how you can improve the profit potential in your accounting firm.

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