Who are the Clarity founders really?

At the beating heart of any successful start-up business are the founders, an aligned vision for the company and a set of shared values to make that vision happen.

The shared vision of the Clarity founders is a platform that gives structure and a plan for accountants to create better businesses for themselves and their clients while giving them the confidence to make it happen. 

The Clarity founders share common values. They believe that detail is essential to provide clarity, but the big picture should never get lost. When the daily politics of business are stripped away, the purpose of life is to make life better for those you work with and those you’ve never met who need help.

Aynsley Damery, CEO and Co-Founder

CEO Aynsley Damery

Qualified with big-four firm KPMG and decided there was more to life than financial services. Bringing more than just professionalism to a regional firm has created something special. His network is extensive, and he is regularly invited to speak as an expert on accounting and blockchain by the world’s largest small business accounting platform, Intuit (also known as QuickBooks).

Steven Briginshaw, COO and Co-Founder

COO Steven Briginshaw

Steven worked as a business coach, advising small business owners in multiple countries across the globe. His mission is to revolutionise the accounting industry to help existing, and future entrepreneurs solve meaningful problems and build impact-making businesses.

The Clarity founders are hugely experienced, qualified accountants who have run their businesses successfully for many years. They have had a massive impact on the lives of business owners who have trusted them to advise on how to grow their profit and cash flow quickly.

The key to their success is that they have only ever been interested in using their skills with numbers to help better create a business’s future, having learnt from each business’s historical data what has been going on in the past.

The many awards received by the firms under their control are visible proof of the positive impact the Clarity founders have made when advising businesses. This has happened both in their firms and those they have advised.

It is no secret there is a tech revolution going on in the accounting industry right now, and we are almost at the tipping point to mass market adoption, which is being sped up by ever-increasing frequent government regulations.

Cloud accounting systems and the integrated and associated applications, advanced data analytics and automated machine learning for predictive modelling and, more recently, the opportunity to exploit blockchain technology can bring so many pieces together and complete the jigsaw for how small businesses should run and how their advisors should help them.

The Clarity team are best placed to put this jigsaw together because they have been at the leading edge of technology advancements in the accounting industry whilst also understanding how to make clients implement and use the applications and platforms.

The founders have worked with thousands of small businesses over the years and understand what makes them perform better and how to make the lives of those working for them.

Whilst it is not sexy to talk about the accountancy industry and small businesses, the fact is small businesses make up 99% of all enterprises, and there are over 168 million in the world. There is a problem that has not been solved properly yet as the technology wasn’t quite there. Clarity aims to be the solution.


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