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Pricing is an art, not a science, and getting your pricing right is critical to success.

But pricing is not easy. And it requires constant updating, tweaking and thought. How do you know when you’ve got it just right and ensure that you can really charge what you’re worth?

How do you get the team to price consistently? Do you use menu, fixed, value or 3 tier pricing and when? How do you get the client to say yes? And how do you deal with scope creep?

It’s the very same for your clients.


Full disclosure is back!

Our Full Disclosure web series is back for the month of September.

Full disclosure is all about hard hitting, frank, open and honest conversations on topics that really matter to accountants. Everything you wanted to ask but either assume you won’t get the whole truth or you might look stupid (we’ll do that for you!). Practical insights, hints, tips, war stories and quick wins.

And for September, we’ve gathered the best pricing experts from around the world to deliver their honest thoughts on pricing, what’s working right now, what’s not and how you can make a difference in your firm. 

But it’s not just about you. The up to date information and thought leadership you will glean, will certainly be of help your clients too.


An expert every week

Every Thursday in September, we’re bringing the very best thoughts on pricing directly to you. Of course, our experts won’t all agree, but that’s the point. You get to ask all the questions you want and inevitably will pick up something that will work for you.

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