The Clarity Platform Launch

Who, what, where, when and why — all your questions answered about the release of Clarity (phase 1) at AccountEx, London.

The first iteration of the Clarity platform will be launched at 09.00am at Europe’s no.1 accountancy and finance conference. Over the last few months, the whole team have been deep in development getting ready for May 2019 and we are immensely proud that the phase 1 is being released almost six months ahead of schedule. During the build up, there have been many questions about what Clarity is, what Clarity isn’t and what applications it is and isn’t like. Hopefully, this blog will cover the basics and any extras you have can be answered at stand 321 on 1st May with the help of our demos as visual aids too.


Built by accountants, for accountants, bookkeepers and advisors — the Clarity platform will save your firm and your clients time and money. All of our founders are experts in small business and are uniquely placed to deliver the clarity vision. Having advised thousands of small businesses around the world, the clarity leadership team have a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses, and particularly accounting firms, face. As early adopters of cloud technology, the founding team have always been more involved in the business advisory side of accounting rather than compliance. And, as compliance becomes commoditised, we strongly believe that it is advise or die for accounting firms! We understand the challenges both SME’s and accountants are coming up against in terms of technology, especially now that there are so many apps, tools and plug-ins available. As well as this, entrepreneurs are turning to their accountants for business advice more and more, but the expectations of costs and delivery don’t match up. Our platform is a tool for accountants to efficiently start the advisory conversation, and cascade advisory within your team in order to meet client expectations, whilst continuing to increase your revenue.


Clarity is the global business advisory platform, making business simple. Our platform will enable you to create your ideal business to help you earn more money, have the life you want and, achieve your goals. The Clarity platform (phase 1) will do three things for your clients:

  1. Help your clients to understand their numbers and how to make them better.
  2. Provide you with a step by step guide to help your clients create a world-class business.
  3. Access the cash, funding and investment needed to help them grow and exit.

Accountants are suffering many of the same problems as small business owners; competition, downward pressure on pricing, staffing and technological and regulatory updates. Making added value and proactivity a reality, Clarity will act as an aggregator combining many existing apps in one place with blockchain being the differentiator. We are providing accountants with a scalable business advisory solution that enables many of your team to deliver outstanding service, replace lost compliance revenue and the opportunity to become a true trusted advisor or the firm of the future.

In this digital age relationships are key, after all, we are in the people business. The Clarity platform encourages better relationships with your small business clients as they will be getting exactly what they need and want. We are bringing accountants back where they belong: in the front and centre of businesses operationally. Small business owners speak a different language to accountants, let the Clarity project do the translation for you so that you can provide a simple and clear plan that bridges the gap between your small business clients and their success.


We are launching phase 1 of the Clarity platform on May 1st 2019 at AccountEx, London. #TeamClarity will be at stand 321 armed with live video demonstrations and all the information you need on partner pricing and subscriptions. Exhibiting in amongst our fellow apps and fintech colleagues, we are proud to be alongside our partners Xero and QuickBooks. And we are also very excited to be releasing a one-time only AccountEx 2019 special discount to those who sign up at AccountEx.


Small business owners are the backbone of the global economy, and their success is vital to our success. There are 163 millions small business around the world, representing 95% of all businesses. In fact, there are 30 million small businesses in the US and 5.7 million in the UK alone. Their success drives employment and growth, builds communities and creates a more stable economy.

We want to give every small business owner around the world clarity, so that they can create a better business for themselves, a better life for their family and team, and ultimately contribute towards creating a better world.

To stay up-to-date with the Clarity platform progress head to or follow us on any of our social media channels. If you would like to get to grips with the Clarity platform itself, please get in touch with Amy on [email protected] to sign up for our platform webinar series in May 2019.




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