The 12 Days of #Xerocon

Head of Getting Things Done at Clarity (Amy Hayes), catches up with some esteemed seasoned experts ahead of #TeamClarity’s first #Xerocon as an official app partner of Xero.

On the 12 days of Xerocon, our experts gave to me… some brilliant tips on how to make the most out of #Xerocon Brisbane 2019 

Amy, August 2019, UK

1. Hashtags

Use the #Xerocon hashtag in photos and tweets on social, but Chris Hooper also recommends creating a list on twitter so you can arrange meet ups with them during the event. These are great pocket communities. 

2. Meet Ups

Speaking of meet ups, make sure you have booked in to come along to Heather Smith’s PreXerocon Cloud Apps MeetUp on Sept 3rd 1.30pm to hear from Aynsley Damery (CEO and Founder of Clarity), Colin Hewitt (CEO and Founder of Float), Hiroki Takeuchi (CEO GoCardless) and Steph Hinds (Head Ninja at Growthwise) for their panel session in the intimate community event. 

3. #Precon

You can’t say Precon without thinking Practice Ignition Precon Party. #Xerocon isn’t just about the conference, be sure to meet, chat and build relationships with fellow like-minded accountants and colleagues. If you haven’t registered for your spot at PI Precon Brisbane 2019 already, get in touch with Ethan Cooney

4. Engage

The parties are great, but Andrew Jordon also reminded me to find some time to talk with other accountants. When you sit down at a session on a particular topic you are surrounded by a room for a people probably with the same intrigue or problem as you. Before you get up, talk to the person next to you, they may well give you the more practical advice than the speaker themselves.

5. Download

Travelling a long way for #Xerocon? Perfect time to do your homework and learn from other seasoned experts. I have a quick 30 hour flight ahead of me, so I’m going to listen to Paul Meissner and David Boyar’s ‘From the Trenches’ podcast with their top tips for Xerocon, as well as a blast from the past – from the Cloud Stories podcast Lessons Learnt at Xerocon 2016. I think I’ll have enough time for both. 

6. Plan

The Xero ecosystem is huge. #TeamClarity are so excited to showcase the Clarity platform as a new app partner, as well as explore other apps that we haven’t come across yet. But, I’ve been warned (by fellow app Fathom) to plan ahead and do an hour of extra homework (probably on my flight) to prioritise my aims for the conference and map our who I want to speak to when I get there to make sure I get real value. 

7. Brand

#TeamClarity will be wearing our branded t-shirts with pride, almost 24/7, so be sure to stop us and ask us how Clarity is making business simple if you see one of the t-shirts wandering around. We’re also really excited to make some new app friends, and will be keeping an eye out for other branded teams. You will probably have noticed that #Xerocon have been pushing really hard for a plastic free event. We’re proud to support Xero in this, and thank Freedom Mentoring and our good friend Wayne Schmidt for the prompt ahead of ordering our expo swag. Come and check out our eco-friendly swag in the Start Up Alley to get involved in the message too. 

8. Eat

Every recommendation for food comes with a side of speeches. If you’re not booked in on the XU Magazine 5k run like me, then book in to attend the Receipt Bank breakfast on Day 2, with Tim Hoopmann and Heather Smith speaking, plus it’s an opportunity to make a donation to Beyond Blue.

9. Explore

It is my first time to Brisbane, (and #Xerocon) so I’ve been recommended to take a ride on the City Cat down the Brisbane River. If anyone else has any other awesome, cheap and relaxing ways to see the city please let me know. I hear it’s a great way to arrive in style to the #Xerocon Wrap Party if you catch it from the Southbank…

10. Tour

Anyone who is anyone will be at the Wrap Party on Day 2, but if you’re not arriving via boat (why not?) I can only assume it’s because you’re down at the Streets Beach by Southbank already…

11. Drinks

Multiple sources have recommended the Fortitude Valley and the Eagle Street Pier for a real team night out and an after Wrap party party. This team night out will by no means be exclusive to #TeamClarity only, please join us if you are free. 

12. Chill

Finally, the bonus tip from previous attendees is to pace myself! It’s a big week, and I think I’m ready for it, but especially as a first-timer I’m going to make sure I’ve got a plan of action so that I make the most out of the whole trip. It’s also been great to join the #Xerocon Brisbane Facebook group as well as XeroMasterMind group (for Accounting app and tech lovers) to join in on the hype before the conference. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed and sent in tips. If you would like to meet and chat to the founding team at #Xerocon – #TeamClarity are exhibiting in the StartUp Alley.


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