Sean Smith heads up Member Success at Clarity

Sean Smith Clarity

A great start to 2022 with another recruit for Clarity. We are thrilled to announce that Sean Smith will be joining the team, as our new Head of Member Success.

Sean is proud of his Scottish roots, never takes himself too seriously and so likes to enjoy and have fun at work. He has worked in the accounting tech space for 7 years now, 3.5 years at Free Agent and 3.5 years at Xero. Sean joins Clarity with a wealth of experience in member success, business improvement, customer centric design and change management. He also has a degree in Accounting and Finance, which he used for a short time in practice accounting.

Sean Smith Clarity


Aynsley Damery, CEO of Clarity, said, “We are delighted that Sean has decided to join the team at Clarity. Introducing new technology is essentially about change management.  And it involves the right combination of people, processes and technology. We are committed to driving the success of our members (and their clients). Sean brings a wealth of experience to the role as Head of Member Success. His knowledge of the tech industry and in particular his ability to help firms manage change, introduce and design customer centric services, whilst improving their own firms, is very exciting.”

Committed to using the best technology

Sean added, “I’m passionate about improving accounting firms; their systems and the services they deliver. I also enjoy promoting customer centric design and generally using the best technology to achieve a goal as efficiently and effectively as possible. A self professed psychologist, I love reading books and listening to podcasts about change management and how people behave and what makes them tick. So I am excited to put my skill to use, helping Clarity members create wildly exciting accounting firms!”

Sean Smith Clarity

Outside work


Outside work, Sean is a keen tennis player. He was ranked in the top 10 Scottish Under 18’s and GB top 100 as an adult. Sean was awarded an international sports scholarship at Stirling University to play tennis, and still plays regularly for a local club.

Sean is currently based in the Peak District, which he loves because he can go for walks in nature whenever a quick break is needed. It also reminds him of Scotland, where he spent much of his youth exploring the highlands.

About Clarity

Effortless Advisory | Powerful Results

If you think Clarity is just a piece of software, you’re missing the point. It’s a mindset shift, a different way of doing business.

If you think Clarity is just about business advisory, you’re also missing the point. It’s way more than business advisory, it totally changes your firm’s story and that of your clients.

Finally, a joined-up platform that truly enables you to scale business advisory services within your firm.  It’s been built by accountants for accountants. Award-winning accountants that have small business within their DNA.

Revolutionary approach

Rather than take a traditional approach, we have completely revolutionised the business advisory process for small business owners. Our end-to-end business advisory platform and member success team give you:

  • the structure and processes to deliver;
  • build confidence and engage the team;
  • save time; and
  • do all of this is a way that ensures your small business clients finally ‘get it’.

All of which makes business advisory effortless and more profitable for the firm, at a price your small business clients can afford!

Most importantly we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. So, if you don’t generate a 100% return within the first 30 days, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked!

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