Clarity’s Quick Start ★ Guide

Clarity's 14 Day Quick Start Guide

The official launch of Clarity’s 14 day Quick Start ★ Guide

#TeamClarity are delighted to announce the official launch of our 14 day Quick Start
Guide. We have designed the guide to get you and your firm up and running with Clarity within your first 14 days. From set up to your first Clarity meeting, we are confident you can get ROI in just two weeks.

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‘’It’s the easiest software I’ve ever had to implement’’ – Graeme Tennick

What does the Quick Start ★ Guide include?

The guide is broken down into 10 steps, one for every working day. So you can achieve all this whilst still having the weekend off!

Course Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Why Clarity?
  • Clarity set up
  • Client grading and segmentation
  • Portfolio View and 7 key numbers
  • Pricing advisory
  • How to introduce Clarity and engage your clients
  • How to have your first Clarity meeting
  • Handling your client’s objections
  • Action Plan

There are plenty of free gifts and bonus content along the way. If you follow these steps, we know you can increase your revenue without spending a penny.

How do we know this?

Because one of our members increased his GRF (gross recurring revenue) by £42K during his first 14 days. Read how he did it right here: The 14 day Quick Start Guide is the perfect way for you to start scaling advisory services within your business. Clarity gives you and your team the tools to deliver business support in a much more structured way. No longer does advisory have to be delivered by partners/directors only and to just the lucky 10-20% of your client base who can afford it.

So in 14 days, you’ll see how Clarity opens up advisory for everyone.

Happy clients, happy team.


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