Clarity: the Platform for Accountants, by Accountants

What is the Clarity platform and the five ways it will help accountants.

Clarity is built by accountants for accountants. We know exactly what you’re going through and we know what it takes to thrive, not survive, in the accounting industry. We’ve experienced first hand the gruelling process of training teams on the latest technological and regulatory updates, and have therefore faced the issues of what tech is, and isn’t doing, with you. Most importantly we understand the needs of small business owners, what problems they are facing and what they want from their accountants. There is no doubt that the role of an accounting is changing and consequently, as compliance becomes commoditised, it’s advise or die for accounting firms! As we all accommodate and enforce the latest AI solution, you’ve probably also heard that blockchain technology is going to revolutionise just about every industry in modern business as we move deeper into the digital era…

Our aim is to provide you with a simple solution that keeps your business ahead of the trend from a technological and customer perspective. Our cutting-edge platform will enable your business to tackle all responsibilities through one login.

How will we do that?

Introducing New Revenue Streams

With the advent of Making Tax Digital and the advances in technology, accountants are suffering a massive downward pressure on pricing for compliance services. Clarity will introduce new revenue streams which you’re able to implement easily.

Helping You Scale Advisory

Our blockchain based data room will feed into and create unique business development programs. With these, you will be able to advise your clients on which specific documents, systems and processes they need to have in place in their businesses to excel. The structure of these programs will give your clients the tools they desperately need in order to understand their numbers, grow their business, access funding and plan for exit.

Bridging the Communication Gap

Clarity will give business owners and their accountants a common language. Small business owners often don’t understand their own finances, and to add to the confusion, accountants don’t know which numbers their clients want to see, or how to explain the figures to them in a straightforward manner. Our platform will provide accountants with a framework on how to communicate the right numbers and the right insights to small business owners in a simple format that they will understand.

Straight Out of the Box

We guarantee that it will not take a lot of time or energy to integrate Clarity into your every day business. We know what technology is currently available to accountants and therefore know where it falls down, and how tricky it is train and work with. The Clarity platform will not only be very easy to implement, but it will also be readily accessible for your whole team to utilise. Seamless integration also means that you won’t require a bespoke edition for your own firm or clients. However, if you would like a more tailored version that is specific to your practise, this can be arranged easily. Clarity will be much more than a traditional SaaS (Software as a Service); it’s a game-changing platform for accountants to use straight away.

Creating Clients and Team for Life

Clarity will enable your team to leverage their inherent accounting skills to produce interesting and insightful work. All of which is communicated in a way that small business owners understand. Keeping your firm up-to-date and relevant in the modern digital era will recruit and retain engaged team members with satisfied clients as a result.

Phase one of the Clarity platform will be ready six months ahead of schedule, in April 2019. If you would like to speak to us about how we can help your firm deliver outstanding service, replace lost compliance revenue, or get your team on track to becoming trusted advisors, please be in touch on [email protected]


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