Clarity Partners with Armadillo Support on the Launch of the Armadillo Academy for Practice Development

The announcement the Armadillo Academy

Clarity partners with Armadillo Support to create Armadillo Academy

We are delighted to announce the partnership between Clarity and Armadillo Support. This will empower members of the Armadillo Academy to launch a business advisory solution. It will help accountants do this both effectively and efficiently, whilst driving the success of their firms and clients.

Now more than ever, small business owners are leaning on their accountants for help and support. This has left the accounting industry faced with the perfect business advisory storm. For years accountants have been told that compliance is dead and that they need to move to business advisory.

But the truth is, compliance is here to stay. Combining both business advisory and compliance work to add value to the firms and their clients is the way forward.

“The idea behind the Armadillo Academy is to really help accountants develop their teams, managers and future partners. Arming them with the right mindset, tools, processes and systems, and teaching them how to have fun with the clients. By doing so, current partners will have more free time, allowing them to work on the business, not in it”. Gordon Berry, Armadillo Academy.

Clarity is a natural partner for the Armadillo Academy

The partnership will provide members with a simple platform to introduce and/or scale business advisory.

Aynsley Damery, CEO of Clarity assures that “Clarity is a global platform that combines the power of cutting-edge technology and proven award-winning systems. It enables accountants to create, package, price and deliver added-value business advisory services to their small business clients”. 

Clarity helps firms engage their whole team, freeing up time for the partners and helping clients along the way through high impact actionable strategies.

For instance, for firms that aren’t currently delivering business advisory services, Clarity provides an out-of-box solution to run with. Currently, there is an abundance of information available that tells accountants what they should be offering it in terms of business advisory. But there is very little practical support on how to do it effectively and efficiently.

In addition, how to do it at a price that small business owners are prepared to pay for.

The programme provided by Armadillo Academy and its partners, will solve this problem for all its members.

What’s included?

Armadillo Academy members can access a discounted partner price for the Clarity platform, including online help with getting set up, training and implementation of Clarity for their firm. In addition, Armadillo Academy members will also get:

  • expert support to help them make the most of their Clarity subscription and technical queries
  • special promotions and discounts
  • a learning centre with web events, videos, workshops and guides
  • plus, a group Ignition event, quarterly mastermind sessions and an online private momentum group.

So the partnership will kick-start the current Armadillo Support network with a new momentum and mindset. Driven by achievable goals, accountability, quick ROI’s and a unique community that celebrates wins in a trusted environment.

Want more information?

For more information on pricing, event dates and the Armadillo Academy discount offer, please contact [email protected]. More information about the Armadillo Academy will be shared in pre-Ignition educational web-events in August 2020. Registration for pre-Ignition events will be accessible via @clarity_hq and @ArmadilloSupprt’s twitter pages and other social channels.

About Clarity:

Clarity is an online platform that revolutionises the relationship, understanding and communication between accountants, bookkeepers, advisors and their small business clients worldwide. It provides a framework, together with the required systems and processes, to help each other grow and succeed.

Small business owners are the backbone of the global economy and represent 95% of all businesses worldwide. They generate employment and wealth, build communities and power growth and national economies. However they are not achieving their true potential. 60% fail within 5 years and only 1 in 10 last more than 10 years. Business is complex and getting even more so!

Clarity makes the complex worlds of business, accounting, numbers, strategic planning, and sustainable growth, simple!

Our purpose is to help small business owners create a better business for themselves, a better life for their family and team and ultimately, inspire them to contribute towards a better world.

About Armadillo Academy:

Armadillo Academy is a project by the Armadillo Support Professional Network to empower those working in Accountancy Firms with the right Mindset, Applications and Tools to empower them to help clients grow and develop and to ultimately be more successful in their businesses so that everyone can benefit.  


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