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Fast track your way to advisory – a revolutionary approach to introducing and/or scaling business advisory services within your firm.

Clarity’s revolutionary approach makes advisory effortless. Our technology, structure, processes, education and member success team have helped hundreds of firms generate significant gross recurring fees (GRF) within weeks of implementation. Of course, those that take action, achieve results.

Business advisory services: reimagined

Are you delivering business advisory services to your top 10/20% of clients but unsure how to scale throughout the firm? Are you yet to introduce business advisory services to your compliance-only clients? Have you tried in the past and not succeeded? Perhaps you feel you don’t have the right clients? Or, you believe small business owners don’t want or care to pay for business advisory services? 

At Clarity, we have completely reimagined what business advisory services are. You see, delivering a typical Big4 style advisory service, using a bespoke process, with senior members of your team, doesn’t always work. And it certainly doesn’t work for most accounting firms and with most small business owners.

A revolutionary approach that gets results

Our revolutionary approach has helped hundreds of firms generate significant GRF within weeks of implementation. Of course, those that achieve results, take action. Let me say that another way, 100% of firms that take action get positive results. 100%.

supercharge your firms profitability

Our process and approach works!

It’s that simple. It’s been designed with the small business owner at the forefront.

Built by accountants for accountants

But more importantly, it’s been built by multi-award-winning accountants for you. Accountants who have been there, who have tried to deliver Big4 methodologies to small business owners, who have used almost every piece of tech that is supposed to work and who understand what small business owners really want. And, who have worked out a way to deliver those services profitably for the firm, yet in a valuable way to a business owner and at a price they can afford. 

Engage in a more meaningful way

If you’re looking to increase the value you deliver, increase the level of engagement with your clients and give them clarity to understand their numbers better and make better business decisions to grow and improve, then our getting clear: supercharge your firm’s profitability  workshop is just for you!

We help you engage with your clients in a more meaningful way. And it’s not all about automation – although leveraging technology in the right way is important. We help you become better, quicker and more efficient to deliver the outcomes your clients really want. 

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We have redesigned the traditional workshop

CAVEAT: if you’re looking for reporting tools and a methodology to hide behind, then this workshop series is probably not for you.

If you’re looking to get out in front of your clients more and help empower the team to do just that, if it’s about more meaningful engagement and communication and if it’s about focusing on outcomes and not inputs – then this is just the thing!


We have completely redesigned the traditional workshop to focus on learning, implementation and accountability. We have broken it down to work for an online environment and not in a way that you expect. Everything about our workshop is focused around you, your goals, your firm, your success and your clients. We have created a methodology that gets outstanding results, time and time again.


But don’t just take our word for it – see what others have said:

Phenomenal value

“The value I got from the workshop was phenomenal! It’s given me clarity on what I want in my future and helped me commercialise the advisory part of my business (and stop giving away stuff for free). It opened my eyes and showed me how easy it was to start a conversation with clients, help them achieve their goals and implement an advisory service.” Stephen Paul, Valued

Empower the team

“I now really get how delivering business advisory services in this way can empower the team and clients. I also know what the firm should be charging and delivering to help.” Sharon Pocock, Kinder Pocock

Clarity has opened my eyes

“I’ve always known what the possibilities are for delivering strategic planning and advisory services within my client base. But Clarity has opened my eyes to a quick, safe and structured way of doing it. Clarity is a great conversation starter and the uptake has been breathtaking already.

Steve and Aynsley have a wealth of experience and information which they are willing to share. They are keen and enthusiastic to help you reach your potential. And it feels genuine and authentic too. It’s not just about using Clarity. They clearly want to move the industry on and help accountants provide businesses with the support they really need.” Paul Miller – Cornish Accounting

Overwhelmed by business coming my way

“By attending this workshop and by using Clarity with prospects, I am overwhelmed by business coming my way. Prospects have said to me that, “no one has ever asked them questions like that before”, “I’ve never been so excited about my business” and “It’s like you’ve lit some fire beneath me” David Mahwe – Muson Hills

The tools to explain the value you can add

“You get the tools and knowledge to go out to your clients and explain the value you can add and what you will do to deliver for them” Caroline Harridence, Counting Clouds

Clarity bridges the gap

“Clarity bridges the gap between cloud-based management accounting work and smaller SME Corporate Finance work and naturally creates a pipeline of acquisition, funding and exit planning work.

I was expecting that the workshop would only gloss over the mechanics of your system and was very pleasantly surprised by the detail and proper training you are providing.

The fact you have automated the advisory service to a certain extent by creating the tools you have gives staff the confidence to engage with this type of advisory work” Chris Kelly – Whiting & Partners

supercharge your firms profitability

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