Achieving an ROI with Clarity & Futrli

Choosing, using and proving your accounting technology is always a priority for accounting firms. Clarity and Futrli have teamed up once again for a Facebook live session to discuss the BIG question; how to achieve an ROI with both our platforms. Whether you’re a partner in the firm or a trainee, maximising and getting the most out of your accounting technology is super important. 

Watch the recording or read the key take-aways below.

Why is ROI important?

  • Value can come in a variety of ways: monetary, time, managing their business as they need to
  • The reward that a user can get is subjective
  • Futrli Predict does the heavy lifting for the accountant or business owner thereby saving time, and this has been raised as great value for some of Sam’s partners recently
  • Clarity and Futrli allow the accountants to understand the value which the business owner might need
  • We need to understand the value a client can derive from a service, and then we can prescribe the solution to achieve the value required
  • We need to drill into the required output, listen to the client and provide the service to match
  • Now it’s even more important! Sam has heard from an accounting partner that they have seen an influx of clients having left their previous accountant due to a reactive service. Clients need a proactive approach, and given these challenging times it has made clients more demanding of this service.


Are all the apps available overwhelming?

  • When Xero started a few years ago there were only a handful of apps in the marketplace, now there are a few hundred!
  • We therefore need to apply the same logic and ensure we use a specific app for a specific value required
  • A client recently signed up to Futrli to help with her forecasting time. She has reduced this from a couple days per client to only a few hours.
  • Clarity has members within the first 14 days to achieve £42k recurring revenue for the year which was their main goal: increase revenue. Another example of accountants creating £6k MRR from their first meeting with a client!
  • Clarity & Futrli really do work well together at the top of an app stack.
  • Receipt Bank is a great app to help improve the data in, allowing for Clarity and Futrli to produce good data out.
  • Real time data is ever more able, making Futrli Predict a very useful cash flow solution for the end client. The value from using Predict for the accountant is twofold: 1. Protecting the client base with a tool that allows them to plan accurately, ensuring they remain a healthy business. 2. Extra opportunities from better conversations between accountant and client.


Speak to your colleagues and friends

  • ‘Peer’ is Futrli’s new social community; free to join and a great space to discuss how ROI might differ from accountant to accountant, and share ideas on this subject
  • Clarity Calculator is a great way to check out how we can use advisory to achieve great value!


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