5D Planning – planning your clients’ futures from every dimension

5D Planning

We are really excited to launch Clarity’s 5D Planning – helping you plan your clients’ futures from every dimension that truly matters.

It’s all delivered in a way that’s both beautifully elegant and simple. Simple enough that more of your team can now get involved in delivering business advisory services. Elegant enough that your clients finally ‘get it’ and understand how you can add value!

Combine that level of planning with the ability to see whether your clients are on or off-track AND more importantly the reasons why. You’ve now got a complete end-to-end system that will create a significant impact for not only your clients, but your firm too.

Repeatable business advisory at scale

And being able to do most of this at the click of a button, means you can deliver business advisory repeatably and at scale across all your business clients. It also means that, for the very first time, you can do so profitably and time effectively for the firm, yet affordably for your clients. Truly leveraging the power of people, process and technology.


Why is planning important?

If you’ve been around Clarity for any length of time or been to any of our events, you’ll know the importance we place on business planning.

All successful businesses have a plan

In fact, if you think about it, nothing in the world gets created without a plan. No piece of art or music and certainly nothing structural, like an engine, a car or a building. Why is it that so many business owners think they can fly by the seat of their pants? Possibly they don’t know the importance of planning? Possibly they have left a strict corporate environment with targets and budgets and they want to be free, nimble, innovative and take things as they come? Or perhaps, as they don’t know what’s going to happen next week or next month, yet alone next year, they don’t see the need (or how) to plan?

Yet so few small businesses do

As accountants, we know how critical planning is. Yet from the surveys we’ve conducted, in general practice accounting firms, less than 20% of clients receive regular management reporting (even fewer get ‘proper’ accruals and prepayments adjusted accounts). And less that 5% of clients have a financial plan. Given the importance of every client having (at the very least) a financial plan, when we ask why they don’t, the usual responses given are; clients don’t get it, clients don’t understand the value, clients don’t want to pay for it, or, as a firm, we don’t have the resources, structure or time, or we’re totally overwhelmed by compliance. 

With Clarity’s 5D Planning, we’ve solved those challenges with our revolutionary approach.

Why 5D Planning?

You’ve not seen anything like this before!

Finally, a joined-up and complete end-to-end process that works, that clients understand and that creates immense value; and that is affordable for clients, yet incredibly profitable for the firm. 

Are your plans solely focussed on cash?

Most planning tools and systems are one or possibly two dimensional and may just focus on cash or cashflow. We all get that cash is king and the fuel for business. But focussing only on cash, is like planning and going on car journey only thinking about your fuel gauge and how and when you will fill the tank. If you ignore everything else that goes into that scenario, driving a car and going on a trip, you will most likely not get where you want to go or, worst case, you will crash! It’s exactly the same with only looking at, thinking about and planning, on the basis of cash in the business.

Clients don’t know what they need to do

Often planning tools don’t look at the entire business model; how it will deliver value, and/or how it will grow sustainably, how it will turn operating profit into operating cash, how it will innovate and how it will help the business owner achieve their goals. But most importantly, they rarely focus on how a business owner is going actually to achieve the plan in the first place!

Clients don’t understand/value traditional business plans

We know that traditional financial plans on their own don’t work for small business owners. They don’t understand them. They don’t understand what they need to do to achieve them and they don’t understand how to use them to see how they are doing and whether they’re on or off track. Because they don’t understand them, they don’t value them. Most business owners also don’t understand what’s possible in their business, how long it would take to get there and why they would want to in the first place. And there is a disconnect between what small business owners want (more time, more money, more freedom or a combination of all these) and what accountants are ‘selling’ them (management reporting, cashflow projections, KPI dashboards).

What is 5D Planning?

5D Planning, a joined up approach that combines the power of:

  • Action plan – clients know what they need to do to achieve their numbers;
  • Financial planning – breaking the bigger plan down into monthly goals;
  • Cashflow sense check – making sure the the business model makes sense from a cash perspective;
  • 7 Key Numbers Planning – to maintain elegance and simplicity for the clients along the way; and
  • Funding plans – understanding if, how and when the business plan needs funding.

5D Planning is elegantly understandable

5D Planning helps your clients understand where they are now, where they could/should get to and the shifts they need to make to get from where they are now to where they want to go. It demonstrates clearly the value proposition to the clients at the outset, positioning you as the true trusted advisor. 5D Planning enables you to work with your clients to co-create realistic and achievable action plans and positions how the financial plan will get them there. You are able to sense check the business model from a cash prospective and understand when and how to fund the plan.       

5D Planning help clients understand why

Most importantly, 5D Planning helps you and your clients clearly and simply understand how they are doing against the plan. Whether they are on or off-track and most importantly, why? And with our systems and tools, it gives your team a clear structure and process to keep clients accountable, whether the plan is working and what they need to do to make any necessary changes. 

Just imagine the difference you could make to both your clients and your firm!

How do you use it?

Getting Clarity changes everything for you and your clients!

To find out how quick and simple 5D Planning is to use, how you can easily demonstrate value to your clients and prospects and how we provide you with a joined up and complete approach to delivering business advisory services at scale – contact one of the team for a demo. 

Initial reactions to 5D Planning

Although we hadn’t launched it yet – a few of our members have had early access to the updates

Clients can now clearly see the value throughout the process

“Clients can clearly now see the value we can add, from both sides now – before they start working with us, and along the way, the value we have created with them. It makes it easy for them to decide whether to work with us and see how well they’re doing as a result of that” Shahida Azam, Pisces Accounts

5D Planning is Genius!

“The new updates are genius! It’s brilliant the way you have brought the simplicity of the 7 Key Numbers (which clients get) all the way through the process. Clients can easily understand where they are now, what’s possible in their business, how to achieve that and how they are doing along the way. It’s even easier for us to help them achieve success” Graeme Tennick, Tennick Accountants 

I don’t need any other apps now

“Wow, I now don’t need to use any other apps to deliver business advisory. But if I choose to do so, with those few who may need greater detail, they now understand why we need to use those apps, the associated costs and can see the overall value.” Roy Lyness, Lyness Accounting 

About Clarity

Beautifully Simple | Elegantly Understandable | Massively Different

If you think Clarity is just a piece of software, you’re missing the point. It’s a mindset shift, a different way of doing business. 

If you think Clarity is just about business advisory, you’re also missing the point. It’s way more than business advisory, it totally changes your firm’s story and that of your clients.

Finally, a joined-up platform that truly enables you to scale business advisory services within your firm.  It’s been built by accountants for accountants. Award-winning accountants that have small business within their DNA. 

Rather than take a traditional approach, we have completely revolutionised the business advisory process for small business owners. Our end-to-end business advisory platform and member success team give you the structure and processes to deliver, build confidence and engage the team, save time and do all of this in a way that ensures your small business clients finally ‘get it’. Making it easier and more profitable for the firm, at a price that your small business clients can afford to pay!

For more information or to book a demo visit clarity-hq.com


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