Member of the Month: June

Tell us a bit about you – what motivates you, what’s your ‘why, what do you enjoy outside of your accounting firm. 

For me, everything changed about 6 years ago when 2 things happened in the same week.

Firstly I went to Xerocon for the first time… and it BLEW MY MIND. I never realised accounting software could do so much.

Secondly, I watched Simon Sinek’s “whats your why” video and it inspired me. I realised I wasn’t an accountant because I was good with numbers, it was because I wanted to help business owners achieve more, and sleep easier at night, that was my real buzz.

Outside of accounting, I’m a super geek and love board games and Pacman 🙂  

Looking forward, what do you think is possible for your firm in the next 12 months and beyond?

I think we’re only just getting started tbh. There’s still so much that can be done to help business owners. 

Firstly we’re opening at least one new office this year, so our expansion means we can help more clients. 

Secondly, the app stack and advisory offering just gets better and better. So we are getting better at getting under the skin of the business and not just improving processes for them, but introducing them to others in our network that can assist 

What progress or changes have you made in your firm over the last month? 

The last month we’ve looked to improve the client onboarding process, make it a bit more ‘enjoyable’ and as pain-free as possible. While getting HMRC logins is never the most exciting, we’re trying our best!!!

We’re also doing more training videos to try and make the client experience that bit easier too. 

You’ve regularly attended the Clarity member-exclusive events. How useful have they been for you and your firm and what do you particularly like about the format?


Yes we have, they’ve been a great sounding board with other accountants and we’ve pinched a good few ideas from there! 

It’s also a really honest forum, so you can share your struggles as well as your successes, which is a bit like therapy for me! 

Where does Clarity fit into your “app stack”?

For me it’s the ‘gateway’app to advisory and other app stack upselling. It’s one of the first apps to use to access the current situation with a client. Both in terms of the financial health of the business, but also just how much the client knows and understands about the numbers in their business.

How has Clarity transformed your business advisory offering?

Its just made things so much simpler, to be honest, and it means it can be done firm-wide. Sylwia here is an absolute super fan of Clarity and it’s already changing the way we go about advisory conversions with clients from the get-go. 

How has Clarity made a difference to your clients? 

It helps them firstly understand their numbers. Its easy to forget when you’re an accountant that most clients don’t know what net current assets mean, or even what gross profit is. So it helps us speak in English not jargon. 

Secondly, it helps us keep them focused and accountable to make sure the big stuff gets done, and owners don’t end up working  ‘in’ the business too much. 

What tangible results have you got from Clarity?

The clients have already seen some of their numbers improve, we’ve seen clients come out of slumps, smash growth targets and also improve processes in their business. From our point of view, our average fee is also on the rise, and that’s thanks to clarity 

What would you say to someone who was thinking about signing up to Clarity? 

Its a no brainer – do it!!!! Clarity is only one of two apps EVER where we’ve been able to roll out straight away, need minimal training and see a profit from the word go. Every other app needs 3 months or so to get to grips with takes more time to learn. This really is the gateway app to advisory 



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