Kinder Pocock – Clarity Member of the Month: July

The Clarity member of the month for July is…Kinder Pocock! Sharon and the team have made remarkable progress and fully deserve the award. We caught up with Sharon this week.

Tell us a bit about you – what motivates you, what’s your ‘why’, what do you enjoy outside of your accounting firm. 

I do love supporting my clients and my team, and sharing information with them. I set up Kinder Pocock to offer small businesses the service they need and want to help them be successful. Whatever that might mean to the business owner!

Outside of work I love Zumba! It is such good fun, and a great stress reliever. I also love reading (can’t go to sleep without reading first) and going for walks with my boys.

Looking forward, what do you think is possible for your firm in the next 12 months and beyond?

We have so much potential to support our clients in getting back on track and growing their businesses. I’m feeling very positive about the team that I’m growing, who all love to engage with each other and our clients.

We’ve made some changes over the last year which are going to enable us to scale more sustainably and to provide the services that we want to deliver.

Clarity is providing a large part of the structure, framework and education to help us do that.

What progress or changes have you made in your firm over the last month? 

Building the right team – this includes hiring the right people, but also promoting and developing the existing team members into the right roles.

We’ve also had some invaluable Clarity calls and conversations with clients, which has helped us to understand them and their goals better. No pun intended, but it really has helped them to have clarity and focus in what they want to achieve.

I genuinely believe that everyone should have a Clarity Action Plan. Even we do at Kinder Pocock, which Sam from Clarity holds me accountable for!


Clarity Gold advisor

Kinder Pocock recently became a Clarity gold advisor

Where does Clarity fit into your “app stack”?

It’s an essential piece of our app stack.

It would be unworkable if it didn’t integrate with Xero, and it’s very powerful to see the portfolio view to review and monitor clients. Being able to see the health and performance of our clients in one screen allows us to be even more proactive in the advice we are giving.

I think every small business should have a clarity action plan, so we’ve built it into our onboarding process, as part of our 3 month review meeting. Clients are loving it! Who doesn’t like talking about their businesses? As soon as you start to ask questions, you can visibly see them energise and light up. 

You never know where the conversations might end up and sometimes the business owners even surprise themselves by the objectives they set themselves.

The perfect flow is when creating action plans with clients to achieve their goals, then creating a financial plan and cashflow to make it a reality and hold them accountable!

How has Clarity transformed your business advisory offering?

Clients are much more engaged. Clarity’s power is how visual it is, and that it’s only looking at the 7 key numbers, not blinding clients with all the numbers.

They can see the impact of small improvements straight away, so they see the value of working with us, rather than us just quoting additional fees to them.

Sharon Pocock

Using Clarity has made a huge impact on the Kinder Pocock clients and on Sharon's team.

How has Clarity made a difference to your clients? 

The feedback from all our clients is how positive and empowering it is, and they are so keen to get started with their actions.

Here’s a recent quote from a clarity action plan last week:
“Thanks so much for today. I felt so empowered after our meeting. I’ve got so much done already”

Another example is with a client where it’s taken us years to get them to pay for advisory. We always have the conversation, then they won’t pay. This month, using Clarity, it was a game changer, and they went away with higher improvements than we initially agreed!


How has Clarity made a difference to your team?

Clarity has given us an opportunity to work even closer together. It’s given Jo so much confidence to be a part of the journey, and she is showing this in all areas of her work. She’s taking herself out of her comfort zone more and more.

I always thought that I would have to deliver the majority, if not all, of the advisory services in the firm. Using Clarity as the framework, it has helped the team to have impactful meetings across the board. It’s just 7 key numbers for the business owner and the team to get their heads around.

What tangible results have you got from Clarity?

In less than a month we’ve increased monthly fees by £2,500 and one off fees of £5,000, and we have only just scratched the surface. That’s with less than 10 clients. 

We want to keep going and going. This is the service I want to be delivering to all of my clients!

It’s great that most of the Clarity team are chartered accountants themselves and have been there and done it. There’s nothing I can’t ask them that they can’t help with. The support is fantastic!

You’ve regularly attended the Clarity member-exclusive events. How useful have they been for you and your firm and what do you particularly like about the format?

They’re mega useful because Clarity encourage everyone to get involved. It’s not the kind of webinar you can have on in the background. But this encourages me to share more, and to get more out of the events, and take action.

Hearing how other progressive accounting firms are dealing with their challenges and being successful is so insightful. Every session we come away with something new to think about and focus on.

I know you recently took part in our Clarity workshop series. You’ve been a Clarity member for a long while now; what made you go on the series, and what effect has it had on you/your team?

Jo and I attended the Thrive Workshop. This basically kicked us into action, as it gave us that much more of an understanding of how the software works and what’s possible. It also gave us challenges, and ways of having the right conversations with clients.

It’s also given us both loads more confidence to do this! The change I’ve seen in Jo over the last couple of months has been incredible to see. Part of that is down to getting involved with Clarity and being encouraged to hold impactful meetings with clients.


What would you say to someone who was thinking about signing up to Clarity? 

Sign up, be proactive and take action! If you’re not sure, attend one of the Getting Clear Workshops, so that you get the most out of Clarity from the very start. Then get involved with the member events.

It’s super easy to use, and the framework means that the rest of the team can get involved. This stops the accounting partners/directors from being the bottle neck. This ultimately means you can support more clients with the tailored help they need.

You can check out the Clarity workshops here:


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