Abbeygate Accountancy – Member of the Month: September

Abbeygate Accountancy

Clarity’s September member of the month goes to…Abbeygate Accountancy! Andy Smith and Tom Jamison set themselves the target of becoming Clarity record-breakers and they have got off to an absolutely flying start by bringing in more than £30K to the firm in just 8 weeks.

First, Clarity Head of Member Success explains why Abbeygate deserve the accolade this month:

They deserve the accolade of Clarity member of the month for the incredible results they’ve achieved for their firm and their clients. The guys really hit the ground running. When I first spoke to Andy and Tom, I could straightaway feel there was something a bit different about them. They had a brilliant energy about them and you could tell they were looking for a way to provide the best possible service for their clients. When a new member is intrinsically motivated in this way,  I knew that it would ultimately make my job a lot easier.

So I set them a challenge. To become record-breaking Clarity members. And with the start they’ve made, I’m still confident they will do it. They’ve made 7 times ROI on Clarity in their first 8 weeks. 

They also deserve September Member of the Month for their commitment to getting younger members of the team talking to their clients on a daily basis. This is something I’m very passionate about and they are too. Everyone at Abbeygate is encouraged to pick up the phone and be proactive within their client portfolios. Abbeygate are setting a great example to other firms wanting to do more than just general compliance.

Find out more about them and what they’ve been up to below as we caught up with Head of Growth and Development, Tom Jamison, this week.

Sam and Tom

Clarity Member of the month – September

Tell us a bit about you – what motivates you, what’s your ‘why’, what do you enjoy outside of Abbeygate Accountancy?

My biggest motivator is being able to deliver for people, this can be clients, friends, the lady who can’t work the self checkout in the supermarket – you name it I’m a problem solver.  For me outside of work it’s all about Family, Friends, Running and the occasional cider!  Whether I’m work Tom, Dad Tom, Husband Tom, or Friend Tom I do my best to make sure I deliver.

Looking forward, what do you think is possible for Abbeygate Accountancy in the next 12 months and beyond?

Like any day I walk through the door as Work Tom – I was brought on with one clear mission in mind: growing the practice. But this wasn’t just about adding as many clients as we could. We realised that there were two key elements to successfully growing our practice: people and processes. 

We needed to make sure we had the right people internally, that we were attracting the right sort of clients, and that both employees and customers alike were supported by rock-solid back-office processes.  

In terms of the next 12 months….

To push past the £500k recurring revenue marker, with a 70% Compliance and 30% Advisory mix and to be a true disruptor within the sector.

Abbeygate Accountancy

What progress or changes have you made in your firm over the last month?

We’ve made big strides over the last few months. Our main focus has been the following:

  • Grown our Compliance/Advisory split 90/10
  • Sourced new relationships for outsourcing
  • Overhauled our Marketing Process (new team engaged)
  • Hired a kickstart placement
  • Implemented Hubspot
  • Rewritten our client Service Charter

You’ve regularly attended the Clarity member-exclusive events. How useful have they been for you and your firm and what do you particularly like about the format?

Very useful, good to hear others journeys to date, from the more established to the ‘new to advisory’ crowd, the content has been worthwhile and has given us as leaders of businesses the chance to take a step back, look in the mirror and highlight/implement key actions to change the business for the better.

Where does Clarity fit into your “app stack”?

Clarity fits in at different points in the journey. Whilst we currently use it as a ‘Pull’ whereby we are going to Clarity, into the future we’d like to explore the opportunity for it to push data and force more robust conversations – especially for those in the team newer to the advisory world.  In terms of the actual Tech our main systems at present are Hubspot, Practice Ignition, Microsoft 365, XERO, Karbon, and how could I not mention – Clarity!!! 

How has Clarity transformed your business advisory offering?

By giving a clear and white labelled approach to advisory, it helps us navigate the same KPI’s for the clients albeit with different outcomes.  Not all of us are born conversationalists, therefore Clarity paves the way for being both interested and interesting to a client – a mix that is often hard to balance.

Abbeygate Accountancy

How has Clarity made a difference to your clients?

At first we weren’t sure if our client base would be interested. But we quickly realised that we had nothing to worry about.

It’s given our clients the opportunity to take a step back, hold up the mirror and demonstrate the simple changes that can be made to drive their business forward.  Consistency, Accountability and confidence are the key drivers behind its success.

Business owners need this more than ever!

My biggest piece of advice to other accounting firms would be to get out of your own way. Just being an agent for Companies House and HMRC is not enough. Businesses need and want more from you.

What tangible results have you got from Clarity?

We have made £30K of annualised revenue within the first 8 weeks of being Clarity members. The results for both us and our clients have been astonishing in such a short period of time. 

Clarity has given us the support and structure we needed to scale our ideas and make them a reality.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about signing up to Clarity?

Don’t think about it – do it!

Initially we worried that our existing clients wouldn’t want this and that we wouldn’t have time to deliver it if they did. We had no reason to worry.

Our clients love it and if it’s a priority, you will always make time!


You can find out more about Abbeygate Accountancy right here: 

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