Lockdown 3.0 – Clarity COVID Care

No doubt we were all relieved to put 2020 behind us and woke up on the 1st January with renewed positivity and enthusiasm as to what 2021 was going to bring.

But it didn’t take long for 2021 to show its first hand when on the 4th January, Boris announced a 3rd national lockdown.

You, the Accountants, have been battling on the frontline since March 2020, going above and beyond to provide timely information and support to their clients. Often you’re expected to know all of the answers even before the Government have released all of the details!

So here we go again. Your clients need you once more. We, at Clarity, are here to help.

Lockdown 3.0 – COVID Care

Accountants have the inherent abilities and all the necessary skills and training to support small business in their time of need. However, to ensure that you can contact ALL your clients effectively and efficiently, whilst offering valuable advice and support, you need the right combination of people process and technology.

You have the people and we have built the processes and technology for you.

Now, we really don’t mind what technology you actually use. But we do care that you are providing support to all the small businesses out there that really need you.

Business isn’t one dimensional and your advice shouldn’t be either. Whilst cash is vitally important, there are so many elements to consider.

PLEASE USE THE GUIDES AND NOTES AS YOU FEEL NECESSARY. If you would like to swap in your own email systems, logos, wording, branding or tech then we are not precious.

But if you would like something that you can roll out-of-the-box, then we are fairly confident that one of the step-by-step systems below will make a difference.

Be sure to get all your team involved in the process too. #StrongerTogether


The Lockdown 3.0 One Page Guide is to keep things really simple. Included is a download for a simple spreadsheet to triage your clients.

Next, the 3 step process in more detail. Why should you contact all your clients and how? What should you cover in your assessment calls and strategy meetings? How should you follow up?

Finally there is the Lockdown 3.0 Clarity COVID Care systems notes accompany the one page guide as a detailed implementation plan:

  • Quickly triage all your clients
  • Effectively deal with those who are critical and provide ongoing support for all others
  • Get your entire team involved

Your clients need your support

Additional support for your small business clients. 

In times like these it’s even more important, in fact it’s a responsibility, for accountants and bookkeepers to be speaking with all of their business clients to help them prepare and ride out the storm. As well as hit the ground running when the storm has passed. So it’s no surprise that getting and keeping control of costs and managing cash are essential. So too are innovating and focusing on core services/products, particularly the most profitable ones (if that is actually known). The responsibility definitely falls on our shoulders as accountants to be helping business owners right now. And the awareness is what they need to make the right decisions to help their business, their customers, team and family.

The Small Business COVID Help Guide Practical next steps and helpful resources for small business owners during the COVID19 crisis. You can send this guide out to your clients via email whilst you are getting round to contacting them. This can be co-branded, re-branded or amended if you would like.

Sam and Amy ran through the Lockdown 3.0 One Page Guide in a Facebook Live chat. You can watch a quick 10 minute overview here. 

For the latest COVID Government guidance, check out: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus


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