Holding clients accountable: It’s in our name!

Accountants are the best placed professionals to hold their small business clients accountable. It’s even in our name!

Every world-class athlete has a coach. Not necessarily to help them run faster, kick the ball harder or jump higher; but to keep them focussed and on track. A coach who understands their client’s ambition and goals, co-creates a process to help achieve these, and most importantly, holds them accountable. This is precisely what small business owners need, and the process is exactly the same. Who better to do this for business owners, than their accountant? 

aynsley damery holding clients accountable

Client who are held accountable achieve more

A study by a US university showed that business owners with written goals and who were held accountable, achieved 78% more.

From our experience, as accountants in practice with small business clients, we believe this number can be even higher.

Can you just imagine if a small business owner had the right goals? A route map planned-out with them and were held accountable by someone they relied on and trusted? How much better off would they would be?

Just like a world-class athlete, business owners need a coach to help them understand and document their goals. But more importantly, to hold them accountable. Business owners are often fearful of taking action because they fear failure or fear the unknown. As accountants, we can help them overcome this fear. By ensuring they understand the implications of important business decision they take, the numbers and rationale behind them, we can help them understand what it means for the business. When you come to think of it, accountants are the best people to hold business owners accountable. 

aynsley damery

Holding clients accountable

Clarity CEO and Founder, Aynsley Damery said:

“At Tayabali Tomlin, we had a pro-forma agenda for the team to meet with clients and yes, listen and be there, but most importantly hold them accountable. Keeping them focussed and on track. We recognised that whilst ensuring empathy and displaying an understanding of their worries, we had a responsibility to challenge them and hold them accountable. By working through what’s stopping them and what’s getting in their way, we can take their hand and lead them in the right direction without being too soft.”

There is no point creating management accounts, budgets, business plans or cashflow forecasts, if the business owner doesn’t understand where they are now, where they are going, how long it’s going to take, the actions they need to do to help them get there and whether they are on or off course.

But, we also know that accountability is the necessary secret sauce on top.

Studies also show that, as humans, we are 2.5 times more like to take action with a “stick” rather than a “carrot” approach. Of course, we do need the client’s approval to have those nagging rights. And they need to understand why accountability is the best way for them to achieve success.


Clarity is more than just a piece of software

We know how important it is for you to hold your clients accountable. And it’s not a difficult service to offer. With the right systems and processes, it’s easy  for your entire team to get involved.

However we also recognise that, for too long, too many accountants have hidden behind reports and technology.  Clarity is not a piece of software to hide behind, but rather a stepping stone to better communication with your clients. We want to help you get out in front of clients. To be that bridge. We want you to take control and be more confident in offering business advisory, or, telling stories with numbers. Using our award-winning technology, combined with our proven systems, structure and processes, Clarity is a means to do just that. And not just the senior members of the team, but for your entire client-facing team. 

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