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Accounting Fintech Apps Join Forces To Support Accountants And Small Business Through COVID And Beyond

Business advisory platforms Clarity and Futrli team up during global pandemic to best support accountants, advisors and bookkeepers.

The term ‘Business As Usual’ has been turned on its head over the last few months. Small business owners are unfortunately suffering at the demise of the economy.

“Now more than ever is the time for accountants, bookkeepers and advisors to shine”, Aynsley Damery CEO of the Clarity platform says. “We have the inherent abilities, necessary skills and training to support small businesses in their time of need”.

the perfect fintech partnership

Clarity and Futrli have teamed up to offer two cost-effective and time efficient packages for accountants to use when supporting their SME clients. They include a simple process and battle plan. This outlines how to quickly triage and deal with all SME clients in a systemised approach, mobilising the whole team.

These exclusive packages are a “blend of our vast experiences, as small business owners and accountants ourselves. On behalf of the small businesses asking us for help, and having run and worked with firms over the past number of years” Hannah Dawson, CEO of Futrli. 

shared values

Both firms share many common values and also both operate in the nebulously-termed ‘business advisory space. Whilst  both  firms come  at  this  from  different  angles,  together  they  have  a  complete  wrap-around  solution.  Together they can empower  accountants  to  create,  package,  price  and  deliver  business  growth  and  support  services.

“We know that this is what small business owners desperately need and want.”

Their fintech solutions  (leverage  technology  together  with  the  necessary  systems  and  processes)  and  their combined  experience  of  the worlds  of  small  business  and  accounting,  enable any  firm  to  protect and engage with every client. They support them through the challenges of today and into the growth of tomorrow. 

Please contact [email protected] for specific prices and to discuss the individual membership circumstance. All prices are plus VAT where relevant. This special COVID-19 pricing is valid for 6 months. It will be reviewed after this time in conjunction with the accounting firm and their team. 


About Clarity:
Clarity is an online platform that revolutionises the relationship, understanding and communication between accountants, bookkeepers, advisors and their small business clients worldwide. It provides a framework, together with the required systems and processes, to help each other grow and succeed.

Small business owners are the backbone of the global economy and represent 95% of all businesses worldwide. They generate employment and wealth, build communities and power growth and national economies. However they are not achieving their true potential. 60% fail within 5 years and only 1 in 10 last more than 10 years. Business is complex and getting even more so!

Clarity makes the complex worlds of business, accounting, numbers, strategic planning, and sustainable growth, simple!

Our purpose is to help small business owners create a better business for themselves, a better life for their family and team and ultimately, inspire them to contribute towards a better world.


About Futrli:
Futrli is on a quest to move the needle on the small business economy, which spans over 130 million small businesses globally.

Half of the businesses started today won’t make it past the five-year mark. This is what Futrli wants to change. The small business economy spans over 130 million companies globally. They’re the lifeblood of communities, economies and so much more.

Founded in 2014, we released our original product, Futrli Advisor, which supports over 45,000 businesses and 1,000 accountants in 130 countries. Over time, Advisor became the perfect tool for accountants, with forecasting, reporting, scenario modeling, and business planning. We created our own CPD-accredited Advisory Certification course to help accountants adopt an advisory model and roll out Futrli’s systems within their firm.

Then in 2019, we released Flow, the first of our Futrli Platform product suite. Flow helps businesses take control of their cash flow. It provides deep insights into their customers and suppliers, bills and invoices.

Futrli Platform is our reinvention of business finance tools, built with businesses in mind. With a powerful suite of reporting, budgeting, cash flow forecasting and predictive modelling tools, businesses can plan for the future, get a grip on their cash flow and pave their way to success, supported and fully in the drivers’ seat.


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