business pricing

If you’re a small business owner using Clarity on your own to improve and grow your business, you’ll find our pricing below.
However, the likelihood is that you didn’t get into business to keep an eye on what your numbers are telling you, otherwise you’d be an accountant of bookkeeper! You likely started your business to either make more money, be your own boss or make a difference, maybe even all three.

By working with a Clarity Advisor Partner (maybe your accountant or bookkeeper is one already?) you’ll have the confidence and support you need and will be on the fast track to business success. You’ll also have the assurance that your numbers interpretation and improvement are taken care of and someone in your corner who will hold you accountable to achieve your business goals.

Pricing options for business owners and partners’ clients.

Note if you are an accountant or bookkeeper, go to member pricing.

All prices are in EUR and are excluding any relevant sales tax.