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The traditional business model* for accounting firms is no longer fit for purpose, especially in this post COVID-19 world. But the truth is, the traditional model hasn’t been working for a long time. What if you could change that model? What would your numbers be? Use our Clarity calculator to calculate your firm’s potential below. Scale your business advisory services and increase your profitable revenue.

*The traditional accounting model is built on the 1⁄3 / 1⁄3 / 1⁄3 model; ie of the fees billed, 33.3% goes on the salaries of non- equity fee earners, 33.3% on overheads and 33.3% is divided between the equity partners as remuneration.

your results will appear here
Increase in revenue {{ results.increase_in_revenue }}%
Minimum ROI on Clarity membership: {{ results.minimum_roi }}%
Increase in net profit {{results.increase_in_net_profit}}%
Total minimum time saved using Clarity*: {{results.minimum_time_save}} Hours
*Doesn’t include time saved using the Clarity template emails, scripts, agendas, checklists, toolkits, systems and processes
Step 1: potential

Complete this section with your firm’s current financial overview, plus any additional overheads.

Gross profit
Net profit
Profit per partner
Number of partners/shareholders
Gross profit
{{ currency(current.gross_profit) }}
{{ current.gross_profit_percent }}%
{{ current.overheads_percent }}%
Net profit
{{ currency(current.net_profit) }}
{{ current.net_profit_percent }}%
Profit per partner
{{ currency(current.profit_per_partner) }}
Numer of partners/shareholders
{{ currency(potential.revenue) }}
Gross profit
{{ currency(potential.gross_profit) }}
{{ potential.gross_profit_percent }}%
Net profit
{{ currency(potential.net_profit) }}
{{ potential.net_profit_percent }}%
Profit per partner
{{ currency(potential.profit_per_partner) }}
{{ currency(combined.revenue) }}
{{ currency(combined.salaries) }}
Gross profit
{{ currency(combined.gross_profit) }}
{{ combined.gross_profit_percent }}%
{{ currency(combined.overheads) }}
Net profit
{{ currency(combined.net_profit) }}
{{ combined.net_profit_percent }}%
Profit per partner
{{ currency(combined.profit_per_partner) }}

Enter any varying salaries and overheads in the potential column to calculate the combined figures.

Click this button to calculate the potential and combined figures. This will also move you to step 2.
Once you click this button, your results will appear at the top of the screen.
^ On the basis that 1 team member can handle 100 clients at a £50K salary, plus associated costs.
+ Enter additional costs here
Step 2: opportunity

Complete this section with your firm’s current information

Number of business clients
Percentage who want services
We typically see ranges from 20-60%
Number of clients who want services
Number of business clients
Percentage who want services
Number of clients who want servicest
{{ clients.services_clients }}
average monthly fee you can charge your clients:

This is the additional fee you can charge for basic advisory services

average monthly fee you can charge your clients:
Click next to review your potential and enter additional costs.

What to do now...

Now you’ve completed the Clarity Calculator and understood what you firm’s potential is, take our Success Factor quiz.

Your Success Factor score shows your firms’ current ability to thrive in the three key THRIVE areas of People, Process and Clients. You’ll receive your own Success Factor Report which breaks your score down. It also provides guidance and tips to help you get the money, time and freedom you want, and can help your clients get too!

The thrive model

The Thrive Model


Clarity has created a calculator to show you how you can improve the profit potential in your accounting firm.

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