Every world-class athlete has a coach. Not to help them run faster, kick the ball harder, jump higher, but to keep them on track. A coach understands their goals, co-creates a process to achieve these, and most importantly, holds them accountable.


This is precisely what business owners need. The process is exactly the same. And who better to do this than their accountant? It’s in our name, for goodness sake!

A US study showed that those with written down goals and held accountable to these achieved 70% more than those who didn’t. We believe this number is higher. Can you imagine if small business owners had the right goals planned out for them, were held accountable by someone they relied on and trusted, how much better off they would be?

Just like a world-class athlete, business owners need a coach to annunciate their goals and more importantly, hold them accountable. Business owners are often fearful of taking action for a fear of the unknown; as accountants, we can overcome this fear for them by ensuring they understand the implications, the numbers behind them, and what this means for the business. When you come to think of it, accountants are the best people to hold business owners accountable. 

Clarity CEO and Founder, Aynsley Damery said:

“At Tayabali Tomlin, we had a pro forma agenda to meet with clients and yes, listen and be there, but also hold them accountable, keeping them focussed and on track. We recognised that while ensuring empathy and displaying an understanding of their worries, we had a responsibility to challenge them and hold them accountable. By working through what’s stopping them and what’s getting in their way, we can take their hand and lead them in the right direction without being too soft.

There is no point in creating financial plans or cashflow forecasts etc if the business owner isn’t going to achieve their goals. Accountability really is the only way.

This is what we want to get across to accountants through Clarity – that we’re not a piece of software to hide behind but rather a stepping stone to better your communication with your clients. We want accountants to take control and be more confident in offering advisory, using Clarity as a means to do this, rather than just some tech to hide behind.”

Clarity HQ

The Clarity platform is empowering all of your team to deliver business advisory to all of your clients through our out-of-the-box solution. We provide accountants with the tools to scale advisory, that is appropriate for both the client and the fee involved. So, by making business simple, Clarity offers a conversation starter that empowers all members of your team to introduce advisory to 100% of their client base.

Finally, if you would like to speak to a member of the team, contact us at info@clarity-hq.com for more information.